Week 7 Match-ups

Last week I was 4-2, which brings my yearly total to 21-12. Pretty good for Shake-up Saturday.  We have quite a few more games this week that will play a major role in the playoff picture.  There aren’t quite as many as last week and I don’t expect as many fireworks, but I think there will still be a few.


Texas Oklahoma

Texas – 3.97

Oklahoma – 4.68


Oklahoma took a bad step last week against TCU and made it very hard on themselves to make the playoffs.  They will need a few breaks and to win out from here to make it in, but they are definitely not out and are still in good position. Texas was out a long time ago.  However everyone counted Texas out last year at this time and trumpeted Oklahoma.  Texas walked into the Red River Shootout and upset Oklahoma.  This year is very similar circumstances to last year, however I think it will be different results.  This will be the toughest Defense Trevor Knight has faced this year (Passing wise) and they should be able to force Oklahoma into some mistakes.  However OU’s rushing attack and defense should more than make up the difference in that.  This one will be closer than many pundits think.


Prediction: Oklahoma wins 28-17 getting back for last year’s upset



Auburn Mississippi St

Auburn – 4.81

Mississippi St – 4.83


Think this game will go down as an instant classic, much like the Alabama v TAMU game last year.  There will be more defense in this game, but still plenty of offense. Up to this point in the season these are perhaps the 2 best performing teams in the nation.  Both teams have a slight advantage in run defense over the opposing run offense, but both have a bigger advantage in pass offense over the opposing pass defense. Both teams have similar offenses with a QB who can run and pass. They both like to set the pass (and both are very efficient) up with the rushing attack. Both will spread the ball out to several playmakers, but both rely on their QB’s. Expect them to trade blow for blow.


Prediction: Dak Prescott has a better game than Nick Marshall as Miss St wins at home 35-32



TCU Baylor

TCU – 4.43

Baylor – 4.52


TCU pulled off the upset last year and really surprised people by taking the game to Oklahoma.  This team has really grown in its depth and talent level and is close to what it needs to be to win the Big 12.  Baylor has not lit up the scoreboard like they did last year, but have been much better on defense.  TCU has a very good defense as well.  Look for this to not be your typical high scoring Big 12 match-up.  Both teams should have success rushing the ball, but both pass defenses are top 10 and are stellar.  This is a little known rivalry game. So expect some fierce play.


Prediction: Baylor’s home-field advantage is enough to hold-off the upset minded Horned Frogs 28-24



Oregon UCLA

Oregon – 4.18

UCLA – 4.35


This game lost a lot of the luster last week as both teams suffered upsets.  What was expected to be a match-up of undefeated top 10 teams, is now…not.  Both teams are still fighting for a playoff spot and are still in good position to make it.  However the loser of this game can count themselves out.  Expect a tightly contested match-up, as both teams will give it their all as they know another loss will effectively end their NC hunt. Oregon is still very banged up on the OL.  UCLA has looked great at times and bad at others.  Very inconsistent team.  I expect UCLA to show up in this one and Oregon to struggle to get the ground game going against UCLA and not give Marriota much time to throw.  UCLA should be bringing the pressure.  However there are 2 potential first round picks at QB with plenty of weapons to throw to and some pretty bad pass defenses.  So there should be plenty of passing and scoring in this game.


Prediction: UCLA outscores Oregon at home 42-35



Ole Miss Texas A&M

Ole Miss – 4.71

Texas AM – 4.41


Ole Miss and Bo Wallace did last week what few expected them to do, beat Alabama.  This week they go on the road and face TAMU, who is coming up an upsetting loss to Mississippi State.  I think the 12th man should play a major factor in this game as Bo Wallace has been very inconsistent.  He put up a very good game last week, I’m not sure he can duplicate that this week away from the Grove. Texas AM should have enough success on the ground but I expect Kenny Hill and the TAMU passing game to struggle again.


Prediction: The 12th man is enough for Hill to make less mistakes than Wallace TAMU wins 28-27



Louisville Clemson

Louisville – 4.18

Clemson 4.47


Clemson’s offense and defense have been rolling since the D got healthy and Watson took over the Quarterbacking duties.  I expect them to continue rolling in this game. Louisville will put up a better test than North Carolina State, however it won’t be enough to keep it close.  Watson continues to shine, but Louisville shuts down Clemson’s rushing attack. However Louisville will struggle to get anything going on offense.


Prediction: Clemson wins going away 31-17

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