2019 MAC Preview

East Division

PlaceTeamWin-Share (Conf)Record (Conf)Rating
1Buffalo Bulls5.4 (3.8)6-6 (5-3)3.07
1Ohio Bobcats6.3 (4.2)7-5 (5-3)3.22
3Akron Zips5.2 (3.7)4-8 (4-4)2.91
4Miami (oh)
4.8 (3.7)4-8 (3-5)3.13
4Bowling Green
4.9 (3.6)4-8 (3-5)2.90
4Kent State
Golden Flash
4.4 (3.5)4-8 (3-5)2.89

West Division

PlaceTeamWin-Share (Conf)Record (Conf)Rating
1Toledo Rockets8.0 (5.7)9-3 (7-1)3.70
2NIU Huskies6.1 (4.5)6-6 (5-3)3.39
2WMU Broncos7.1 (5.0)7-5 (5-3)3.52
4CMU Chippewas5.6 (3.7)5-7 (3-5)3.21
4EMU Eagles4.9 (3.3)4-8 (3-5)2.95
6Ball State
5.2 (3.3)3-9 (2-6)3.05

Championship Game

Toledo over Buffalo


Buffalo once again makes it to the championship game, this time falling short against Toledo. Toledo can make a solid case for a top 25 team. May be the best MAC team in several years. Probably 3rd best Group of 5 team after Boise St and UCF. Overall it looks to be a down year for the MAC. Not a lot of depth this year. A few of the better programs look to have rebuilding years.

No other team outside of Toledo makes a good case for Top 25 contention. 5 teams are eligible for bowls, although it’s likely 1 could end up on the outside looking in.

Bowl Projections

TeamBowl Projections
ToledoTart Cherry Bowl
Western MichCamellia Bowl
BuffaloIdaho Potato Bowl
NIUDollar General Bowl

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