ACC – 2013 SF Power Ratings

First I’d like to welcome everyone to Simplified Football. Our objective is to provide you with objective ratings for College Football. Today I’ll start it off with the 2013 ACC ratings.

Before I begin let me tell you briefly how we arrive at these rankings:
First, we take the recruiting ratings (star rating) for every starting player and average them out which gives us the talent aspect of the ratings (IE Jason Jacobs is a 3* and George Jensen is a 4* their rating would be 3.5). Second, we take the amount of years in college and years as a starter and add them to each players star rating which gives you the final rating.
For reference sake the lowest a team can have is 2.0 and the highest is 6.5.

So with no further adieu here are the 2013 ACC ratings.

Florida State – 4.93
Clemson – 4.15
Boston College – 3.93
Maryland – 3.77
Wake Forest – 3.67
North Carolina St – 3.60
Syracuse – 3.36

Virginia Tech – 4.17
UNC – 4.06
Miami – 4.05
Pittsburgh – 4.02
Georgia Tech – 3.91
Virginia – 3.89
Duke – 3.41

As you can see Florida State has by far the most talented/experienced group in the ACC. ACC Newcomer Syracuse and Duke are significantly lower than the rest. I consider anything 4.0 and higher to be a top 25 caliber team. Which gives the ACC 6 top 25 caliber teams. With Florida State being the only Elite team.

Please check back for the a break down of each division and where each teams strength’s and weaknesses.

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