Week 8 Preview

Finally have 2 Marquee (name) matches of top 25 teams this week. As well as some other games between some intriguing teams. SEC continues to fail to deliver good match-ups. USC @ ND and Michigan @ Penn St is about as good as it has been the last month. We are still in October which means still prime time upsets are bound to happen. So look for a shocker or 2!

Last week went 4-2 with the big games (23-14 on the season) and 9-5 overall (56-30).


Oklahoma St @ Texas

Oklahoma’s trio on offense continues to wreck havoc in the Big 12. Texas’ has steadily been improving under Coach Herman. This will be a tough one for Oklahoma St on the road in Austin. But Rudolph/Washington will prove too much for Texas.

Ok St 38 – Texas 31


Louisville @ Florida St

Last year Louisville ran rough-shod over FSU who was without Derwin James. This year Derwin James is back and Louisville travels to Tallahassee. FSU has had this one circled and is hungry for a win. Louisville’s defense has had trouble defending anything this year. BC ran over, around, under, and through Louisville last week and they have had one of the worst pass defenses all year. FSU’s ground game has been picking up chunks of yards the last several weeks against defenses much better than Louisville’s. So FSU should have little problem moving the ball, but will they finish? Of course on the other side you have the reigning Heisman champ who destroyed the FSU defense. The FSU defense is playing much better this year, but like the offense they haven’t been clutch and have failed at crucial moments. I think FSU is able to get a few early touchdowns and force a few turnovers and finishes this one.

FSU 35 – Louisville 24


LSU @ Ole Miss

This is the best match-up I could see in the SEC this week. LSU is coming off 2 strong wins and Ole Miss is having issues on defense. They have been able to move the ball through the air, however that has been one of LSU’s strength recently. LSU should be able to get the ground game going against a porous Ole Miss run defense. Grice has a big game, but Ole Miss is able to keep it close at home.

LSU 28 – Ole Miss 25


UCF @ Navy

UCF has been steamrolling opponents on offense and been pretty stingy on defense. This week 5-1 Navy welcomes UCF to come try and stop their triple option attack. Look for Navy to try and slow the game down and limit UCF’s possessions. Which they will need to do as their defense has been pretty bad and UCF has been unstoppable. If UCF is able to get a few early touchdowns and a few early stops this could get very ugly. But look for Navy to be able to get a few touchdowns to keep it close through the first half before UCF runs away with it in the 2nd.

UCF 45 – Navy 21


Michigan @ Penn St

This is Penn State’s first real test. Sort of. Michigan has not been able to find any kind of offensive rhythm despite their defense still playing at a very high level. Michigan will look to get their offense on track against Penn St. However Penn St’s defense has been playing much better this season. On the other side is one of the best offenses in the nation against one of the best defenses. In that aspect it will be a good measuring stick to see how good Penn St is and if they are a real contender this year or not. I don’t think Penn St will have a whole lot of success on Offense, but it should be more than enough. Michigan will continue to struggle on offense.

Penn St 24 – Michigan 14


Southern Cal @ Notre Dame

A ranked rivalry game. Both teams have been good but not great this year. The biggest reason for Notre Dame’s turnout is a much improved Defense, but the thing that stands out is their rushing attack which is one of, if not the, best in the nation. USC has not mediocre stopping the run this year. Look for Notre Dame to get the running game going and keep Sam Darnold off the field. USC should be able to move the ball, but Darnold will throw a pick or 2, taking away a couple needed opportunities. Touchdown Jesus for the win.

ND 31 – USC 24


Other Games

Wake Forest over Georgia Tech

Texas Tech over Iowa St

Michigan St over Indiana

Southern Miss over La Tech

Boise St over Wyoming

UCLA over Oregon

Wash St over Colorado

Kentucky over Miss St

Houston over Memphis


Week 8 Playoff


2-Ohio St



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