Week 7 Preview

Well we went south again last week in the big games going 3-4. Bringing the total to 19-12 on the year. Still not too shabby. In all games last week was 9-5, bringing that overall total to 47-25 (65%). Will try and rebound this week.

This week is another lack-luster match-up week. But still some good games and a few good chances for upsets. We are getting to that time of the year where lot of upsets happen (late October). Still another couple weeks before the CFB delivers its first set or rankings. Still a lot of movement left to go before that and quite a few big games too.


Georgia Tech @ Miami:

If not for this being right after the emotional FSU game (let-down) and with the injuries that are mounting up for Miami, Miami would likely walk all over Georgia Tech. But preparing for the GT offense with focus that might not be there all the way, this is a HUGE Trap Game for Miami. Being at home and with confidence high for Rozier Miami should be able to control the ball on offense and hit a few big plays in the passing game, while also getting a few turnovers on Defense (bringing out the Turnover Chain). GT will try and slow the game down and wear Miami down keeping it relatively low scoring.

Miami 28 – GT 21


Oklahoma @ Texas:

The Red River Shootout (forget the PC version of Red River Rivalry). This game is known for unexpected finishes and underdogs winning. I think Texas is being overlooked in the Big 12. They have improved significantly in recent weeks. Oklahoma’s offense will be too much for Texas in this match-up and I don’t think Texas will have the offense to outscore OU like Iowa St did (which took a super-human performance from that offense). In a twisty odd game (like normal) OU wins a close game.

Oklahoma 31 – Texas 28


Michigan @ Indiana:

I struggled to decide which game to pick in the Big Ten (between this and Purdue/Wisconsin). There is just such a big gap between the top 4/5 teams in the Big Ten and everyone else, that unless one of those teams are playing each other there isn’t a lot of intrigue. I picked this game because Michigan is reeling and it’s on the road. Potential for a big upset here (which would really shake up the Big Ten and hurt it’s perception). Both offenses are pretty much garbage and both defenses are good to great. So this will be a low scoring affair. Michigan’s defense gets a few more big stops/turnovers that lead to points than Indiana does.

Michigan 21 – Indiana 10


Oregon @ Stanford:

Stanford has been running the ball down everyone’s throat. Nothing else on their team is particularly good. Oregon has had one of the better run defenses so far in the nation. I don’t think Stanford will have as much room to run in this game and it will be a very close game. However Stanford is playing very good lately and it’s at home. Game will turn into a high scoring affair.

Stanford 38 – Oregon 35


Auburn @ LSU:

Not many places will drive fear into opposing offenses than Death Valley at Night. However this game is not at night so LSU loses that advantage. But Death Valley is still a tough place to come. LSU is very high after the UF victory, and seems they may have turned a corner. Auburn however is starting to figure things out on offense and still playing very well defensively. LSU will struggle to score in this game and Auburn will get enough done with Stidham to earn the victory.

Auburn 21 – LSU 17


Boise St @ San Diego St:

Battle of the top 2 teams in the Mountain West. This game will go along ways in determining how good SDSU is and seeing if they are a legit contender for the Group of 5 at large spot in the NY6 Bowls. Both teams are led by their defenses. Boise St’s defense is slightly better, however SDSU has the better offense. SDSU is also at home. In a tight game that comes down to the wire and well contested SDSU will use the home field advantage and come out on top.

SDSU 21 – BSU 20



Other Notable Games:

FSU over Miami

Navy over Memphis

Kansas St over TCU

WVU over Texas Tech

Wisconsin over Purdue

Minnesota over Michigan St

USC over Utah

TAMU over UF


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