Week 4 Match-ups

Last week I was 3-2, which brings me to 8-7 on the year. We had quite a few notable upsets last week, they seem to always happen on the “down” weeks.  Games are really starting to ramp up this week as we have a few top 25 match-ups and a few others that may end up top 25 by the end of the season.  Should have some really good games this weekend.


Auburn Kansas St

Auburn – 4.94

Kansas St – 3.50


Kansas State has not looked very good so far this year, but they have a way of surprising people.  Auburn on the other hand has picked up right where they finished last season (rolling). Auburn is better in just about every statistical category and should win just about every match-up (on paper). However Kansas State should be able to put up enough points on offense to at least keep this game interesting. Not to mention it’s a home game for Kansas St.


Prediction: Auburn continues to roll 42-18 over Kansas St



Georgia Tech Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech – 3.69

Virginia Tech – 4.05


Both teams have looked right about how I expected them to so far this year. Virginia Tech has a big experience edge in this game and is at home.  The are also significantly more talented on both lines.  However Georgia Tech’s offensive scheme tends to neutralize that some. Georgia Tech has looked more efficient in the passing game so far this year, but are not running quite as successfully as in years past.  Virginia Tech is a monster against the run.  This will be a relatively low scoring game, as Virginia Tech’s offense has not been great.  Should be a close game.


Prediction: Virginia Tech’s defense wins the game 31-24



Florida Alabama

Florida – 4.99

Alabama – 4.51


Florida’s ranking is still inflated thanks to only having 2 games.  Alabama has been very consistent each game.  I know many will expect Alabama to win this easily, but if UF can get any sort of attack from the passing game then they have a good shot of winning this.  This will be a defensive battle, as both have lots of NFL talent on that side of the ball.  I think the difference here is that Alabama has more play-makers on the offensive side. Low scoring old school SEC type game here.


Prediction: Alabama wins at home 24-17



Mississippi State LSU

Miss State – 4.75

LSU – 4.32


Mississippi State has looked very good on both sides of the ball so far this season, ranking in the top 15 in the S&P+ rankings on offense and defense.  LSU has looked good, but not great so far.  Mississippi State has a big advantage in experience as LSU is playing a lot of younger guys.  Think Miss State will have some success running the ball and LSU will have trouble running against Mississippi State.  Normally LSU has a huge advantage in night games in Death Valley.  But I’m feeling upset here.


Prediction: Mississippi St upsets LSU in Death Valley 24-21



Oklahoma West Virginia

Oklahoma – 4.70

West Virginia – 4.00


Oklahoma has a big advantage on paper in this game and has looked like a legit Playoff Contender thus far. They should be able to control both Line of Scrimmages. Think West Virginia will be able to make some plays in the passing game and perhaps force a few turnovers on defense to stay in this game in West Virginia. In the end Oklahoma’s talent will just be too much.


Prediction: Oklahoma pulls away at the end 35-24



Clemson Florida State

Clemson – 3.91

Florida State – 4.67


Florida State has not looked the part of National Championship Contender so far this year.  They haven’t looked bad, just not what many were expecting.  Clemson’s defense was thrashed against Georgia and Heisman candidate Todd Gurley. To make things more interesting as I am writing this defending Heisman trophy candidate Jameis Winston is now suspended for the first half of this game.  This looks to be a great rivalry game.  FSU has more experience and more talent.  At full strength and clicking on all cylinders Clemson probably doesn’t keep it too close.  However FSU has not looked the part so far.  Will they come out this game and be able to run the ball and have a smothering big-play defense like they did last year?  The world will see come Saturday night in Tallahassee.


Prediction: Florida State overcomes the loss of Jameis Winston and wins 35-21, pulling away in 2nd half. 

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