Week 3 Matchups

Went 2-2 last week.  Which brings me to 5-5 on the season (formula is better at 6-4).  That’s the last time I trust or expect anything out of Texas, that is for sure.  It’s a weak slate of games this week as there is only 1 marquee match-up. There are a few other interesting match-ups that wouldn’t normally make it in, but for the sake of having something, I put them in this week.


This weeks match-ups:


Central Florida v Missouri

UCF – 3.67

Missouri – 4.06


UCF has a knack for keeping games closer than expected against P-5 schools, but just coming up short in the end.  That recipe was dead on against Penn State 2 weeks ago in Ireland.  In 2012 Missouri went to Central Florida and pulled out a squeaker winning by 5.  I expect it to be another close one this year as well as UCF travels to Missouri this time. On paper Missouri should win by 9-12 points. I expect it to be closer, as UCF hangs around until the end.


Prediction: Missouri gets by with a 31-24 victory



Georgia South Carolina

Georgia – 5.18

South Carolina – 3.69


I think both ratings are a bit off right now, as both had close games through a half, but both games got out of hand pretty quickly.  I don’t think UGA is quite that good and USC is not quite that bad (one reason we won’t be releasing a top 15 until week 6). I think USC will exploit Georgia’s defense and have a lot of success on the ground, rushing the ball. However this game could get out of hand if Gurley is able to do what he did against Clemson (for the record I believe Clemson’s defense is better than USC’s). USC has the home-field advantage, and should keep it close.  Gurley goes off and firmly inserts himself as the #1 heisman candidate.


Prediction: Georgia runs over South Carolina 38-28



Iowa State Iowa

Iowa St – 2.77

Iowa – 3.86


This game makes it simply because it is a rivalry game.  Iowa State has not looked go so far this year, and Iowa was a dark horse pick to compete for the B1G title.  But like most B1G teams at the moment they have looked under-whelming.  Iowa should get back on track this game, as their defense controls this game, and their offense gets rolling.


Prediction: Iowa runs through Iowa St 31-14



Tennessee Oklahoma

Tennessee – 4.22

Oklahoma – 4.62


Tennessee has looked better than expected so far, but have not really been tested.  Oklahoma has looked very good so far, about what many were expecting as the Big 12 front runners.  Oklahoma’s defense should be able to limit what Tennessee does and should be able to move the ball on offense.  However Tennessee’s youthful talent should keep them in this game for at least a half. Oklahoma continues to roll and look towards a playoff spot.


Prediction: Oklahoma continues road to playoff beating Tennessee 35-24



UCLA Texas

UCLA – 4.24

Texas – 4.39


Obviously Texas is a bit inflated, due to their week 1 performance.  However BYU is better (again) than most people give credit for, still no excuse for the drubbing that Texas took last week.  BUT remember after that drubbing last year by the hands of BYU, Texas bounced back and looked much better the rest of the season.  UCLA so far has not looked like the Playoff contender that many expected to beat Oregon for the Pac12 title. For those reason’s I think this is a prime candidate for an upset game.  But I just can’t pull the trigger on Texas.  I think it will go the other way and UCLA and Brett Hundley will start to get back on track. While the defense shuts an Ash-less Texas offense down.


Prediction: UCLA takes it to Texas 28-14

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