Week 2 Matchups

Last week went 3-3, missing on the LSU come back, the Texas A&M coming out party, and missing on Gurley beating Clemson. FYI if I had simply followed the formula’s predictions…We would have been 4-2 (when Homefield is brought into it).  So this week I am again going against the formula for half of the games.  Someday I will learn.


This week there are a few good matchups, easy to choose as there are really only 4 matchups worthy of this column.  Last week there were about 8.  We have 2 matchups that will play a role in the National Landscape and the playoff picture.


Without further delay, here are the matchups:


USC Stanford

USC – 4.93

Stanford – 4.40


It’s rare to have such a big rivalry game this early in the season, nor a conference game between 2 conference favorites.  But alas this year we have it.  Both looked impressive in week 1 against lesser opponents.  Southern Cal has the talent advantage, but has been very inconsistent since Carroll left, a lot of it contributed to coaching changes, etc.  Stanford is the exact opposite, they aren’t extremely talented, but they have players that fit their system and Coaching is a strong suit for them, leading to big time consistency.  This is probably one of Stanford’s most talented teams.  They have the home field advantage. Think this is going to be a great game. Not high scoring and not a defensive slug-fest.  Just a great game.


Prediction – Stanford takes down USC at home 27-24



Michigan St Oregon

Mich St – 3.86

Oregon – 4.68


We here at Simplified Football are not as high on Michigan State particularly early in the season as many are.  However we will not over look their defense or the experience on offense.  Oregon is the more talented team and more experienced team.  They also are playing in Autzen, Oregon. Which is a huge boost for Oregon. I think Oregon’s team speed is going to be too much for Michigan St, as well as what is sure to be a very raucous crowd (said to be one of the loudest stadiums, despite it’s size). We think it will be much closer than the formula indicates however.


Prediction: Oregon wins at home 31-21



BYU Texas

BYU – 4.19

Texas – 4.66


BYU is one of the most underrated teams in the nation, and we feel will be a top 25 team by season’s end. However after last season’s game, Texas will be fired up. Texas has better coaching for the huge talent advantage this year.  There should not be a repeat.  If Texas plays to it’s potential this game could get out of hand. Texas is one of our sleeper picks this year.  However being in Texas this year and better defensive coaching, I think Texas will control this game, without it being a blow out.


Predictions: Texas handles BYU 31-20



Virginia Tech Ohio St

Virginia Tech – 3.90

Ohio State – 4.26


When Ohio State lost Braxton Miller to start the season many thought their season was done. Last week against Navy did nothing to change that opinion, as Ohio State struggled to defeat and move the ball against overmatched Navy.  This week Ohio State plays what is traditionally a very good defense, and one of the better defenses last year.  The formula has Ohio State in this matchup, but I’m thinking that VT’s defense will be too much for them.  Not a lot of scoring in this game as both defenses should out match the offenses.


Prediction: Virginia Tech upsets Ohio St in Ohio 21-17

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