Week 11 Preview

What a great week last week.  A real treat for fans of College football.  This week looks to be even better.  This so far has been a very exciting season. Lots of upsets and intrigue along the way.  Should be some more this week.  You have 7 match-ups featuring two ranked teams. As well as 1 more facing a tough opponent on the road.  You have 5 higher ranked teams on the road against ranked teams. You have a ranked almost ranked Group of 5 team on the road against a tough Group of 5 rival. You also have Clemson at home against FSU in a rivalry game. LOTS of good football this week. Expect some “upsets” (I use quotations as it will be ranked teams beating higher ranked teams).

In the Playoff Hunt you have:

Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Miami, Wisconsin, Washington, Oklahoma, Clemson, and TCU squarely in the Race.

You have Auburn, USC, Mich St, Ohio St, Penn St, Oklahoma St, Miss St, Virginia Tech, UCF and Washington St still alive but with tough roads to climb.


Last week I went 6-3 in the big games (39-19 for 67% on the season), and 15-6 overall (91-47 for 66% on the season).  I’ll look to continue that success this week.


Notre Dame @ Miami:

Miami surprised many people with their performance last week.  It also pretty much exposed Virginia Tech. Notre Dame has been playing very good football offensively all year, look for that to continue as Miami’s weakness is it’s run defense (which is Notre Dame’s strength). This is a heated rivalry that rarely plays. Ever since the 80’s Catholics v Convicts (which even has it’s own 30 for 30), these 2 schools have not liked each other. Now they will be fighting for a potential playoff spot. Should be a battle.

Notre Dame 28 – Miami 24


Oklahoma St @ Iowa St:

Iowa St is very proficient at upsetting highly ranked teams at home. Having beaten 2 top 5 teams this year (and a long history of it as well). I just can’t envision them making it 3 this year. Doesn’t mean they won’t give it their best try. Oklahoma St will cause a few turnovers and get a few extra possessions on offense and after last week’s loss in Bedlam they come out strong.

Ok St 34 – Iowa St 31


TCU @ Oklahoma:

This one will go along way in determining who will play in the Big 12 Championship. However if Oklahoma St beats Iowa St then there is a very high probability that the Big 12 champ game will be a rematch of this TCU/OU game. This is the best offense in the nation going against the top defense (the only defense…) in the Big 12 (one of the top defenses in the nation). Baker Mayfield is too good and playing in Norman will give OU the advantage here, TCU is able to score to keep up with OU, but not overcome them.

OU 37 – TCU 34


Michigan St @ Ohio St:

I’m not quite sure what to make of Ohio St after last week. That was one of the more surprising results of the season. Not just to lose, but to get taken to the woodshed by a largely average team. Michigan St has a better defense than Iowa so they can cause some of the same problems for Ohio St. But their offense is not as good (which is more a statement of MSU offense being bad than Iowa being good). However the main difference is this will be in Columbus and not in East Lansing (or Ames). Ohio St gets enough offense to win, but it’s not pretty.

Ohio St 31 – Michigan St 24


Iowa @ Wisconsin:

Iowa is definitely good enough to upset Wisconsin (evidence…Ohio St). However Camp Randall is one of the best home field advantages in College Football. In a largely ugly football game, Wisconsin continues to win, but not pretty.

Wisconsin 24 – Iowa 17


Toledo @ Ohio:

This one should come down to which match-up disadvantage is taken advantage of more. Ohio has a huge advantage in the running game and Toledo a huge advantage in the passing game. So depending on the pace that is set, this could be an interesting game. I’m going with the homefield advantage in this game and a leg up in the MAC title race.

Ohio 35 – Toledo 31


Washington @ Stanford:

This will be the toughest test yet for both of these teams. Toughest defense Stanford/Love have faced, and the toughest offense/RB that Washington has faced. Washington is clearly the better team and I think their defense will get the upper hand. But being on the road against a tough opponent can do strange things. Stanford makes it a game down to the end.

Washington 28 – Stanford 21


Alabama @ Mississippi St:

This should be the toughest match-up for Alabama since opening week. Not because Mississippi St is better than LSU, but because it’s their first true road game test. It will be interesting to see how they react. Miss St also has a pretty stout defense and a solid QB (you know the 2 ingredients that often make for a home upset). While I think Miss St will limit what Alabama does on offense, I don’t think they will be able to put up enough points even at home.

Alabama 27 – Miss St 14


Georgia @ Auburn:

This is definitely Georgia’s first REAL test of the season. Auburn’s defense is legit against Georgia’s rushing game. The key will be if Auburn can gain any traction offensively. If Malzahn is able to do stuff offensively then this should be a good game for Auburn and a potential big upset. Think this is a tough defensive battle with some big plays and lots of hard hits. In the end Georgia prevails.

Georgia 27 – Auburn 24


Other Games:

Duke over Army

So Carolina over Florida

Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech

Wake Forest over Syracuse

Clemson over FSU

Louisville over Virginia

Kansas St over WVU

Navy over SMU

L Tech over FAU

Wash st over Utah

Arizona St over UCLA
Colorado St over Boise St

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