Week 1 Top Matchups

Well Football season is officially here!!!  We start off week 1 with a lot of good games, are you guys ready?!?!  We sure are!!


This week we have an SEC battle, an ACC Coastal battle, and 4 very good Out of conference games (3 of which involve SEC teams against potential top 25 opponents).


Texas A&M South Carolina

Texas A&M – 4.27

South Carolina – 4.25


Both teams come in with what should be 2 very good offenses and question marks on defense. Both offensive lines should be able to control the Line of Scrimmage and should have no problem moving the ball. So Carolina will attempt to do this on the ground with a punishing rushing attack, whereas TAMU will attempt to spread the field out and throw it around. I think this game will be a shoot-out similar to the Alabama v TAMU game last year. It will come down to which QB performs better and has fewer mistakes.  I like South Carolina’s slight experience advantage and think they will have fewer turnovers.

Steve’s prediction:  South Carolina wins at home 42-35



Boise State Ole Miss

Boise State – 4.05

Ole Miss – 4.37


Both teams feature what we think will be top 25 defenses, but both have potential on offense. However Ole Miss should be able to control both Line of Scrimmages, particularly dominating on defense. Boise should be closer to the teams of the past decade than last years team.  Their big question mark is how will the new coach be able to take over for Chris Peterson. I like Boise’s experience and defense to keep them in this matchup, but for Ole Miss to eventually win in the 4th quarter.


Steve’s Prediction: Ole Miss wins at home 28-20



Clemson Georgia

Clemson – 4.63

Georgia – 4.28


People are expecting a big fall off for Clemson this year and while that may be true for their offense, we think their defense will take as many steps forward as their offense takes back. Georgia is breaking in a new QB on offense and a new defensive scheme on defense.  Word of caution for those thinking Prewitt will completely transform the UGA defense from game 1. It took him a few games to get it going at FSU and he doesn’t have near the talent at Georgia as he did at FSU.  Clemson’s defense should be able to keep the Georgia passing attack on the ground and limit (certainly not stop) one of the best rushing attacks enough for their offense to get a few big plays against the Georgia defense (Clemson still has some speedy playmakers at WR, just inexperienced). I like Clemson to pull the upset here as Georgia breaks in some important parts.


Steve’s Prediction: Clemson wins a tough battle 28-24



Wisconsin LSU

Wisconsin – 4.46

LSU – 4.34


Perhaps the game that will play the biggest role in terms of the playoff picture.  If Wisconsin can win this game and get through the B1G at 11-1 or better, they will have a very legit shot at the playoffs (and the same is true for LSU). Both offenses should be able to control the LOS and be able to run the ball, as both will look to do.  We can see both teams getting over 200 yards rushing in this game. Both defenses are good, but not great. Wisconsin has slightly more experience and is in the 2nd year of Coach Gary Andersen, meaning they should be better than last year. We expect them to win the B1G.


Steve’s Prediction: Wisconsin pulls the upset in Houston and wins 24-21



Florida State Oklahoma State

FSU – 5.27

OSU – 3.95


Oklahoma State has a had a very good run the last 5-6 years under Coach Gundy (one of the better coaches in the nation).  They have a talented roster, but VERY inexperienced. They are a team that should get progressively better as the year goes on.  However FSU is perhaps the most talented team in the nation, as well as very experienced. FSU is better at every position and many of them significantly better.  Oklahoma State will have to play flawlessly to keep this close.  FSU should not have any trouble on offense moving it against Oklahoma State’s defense, Oklahoma State will look and need to be opportunistic and force some turnovers.  Offensively they will need to and try to run the ball at FSU.  If they can do those things they can make it a game.


Steve’s Prediction: FSU wins going away, just to powerful for OSU 45-17



Miami Louisville

Miami – 4.16

Louisville – 4.09


The interesting thing about this game, is they faced each other in the Bowl game last year with Louisville winning 36-9.  Miami was without best player Duke Johnson.  The game should be much different this time around as Louisville opens up their first ACC season at home without Charlie Strong.  Both offenses should be pretty stout as both defenses are just average.  It should be a fun one to watch Monday night, as both offenses should control the game.


Steve’s Prediction: Louisville wins the shootout 41-38 at home. 

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