Simplified Football Top 25 Teams

Here is the Simplified Football Top 25 teams by our Power Ratings. 


  1. Florida State (ACC)  5.27 – The returning National Champions are once again the most talented team in the nation. Time will tell if that will equate to a 2nd straight National Championship. They return potential AA all over the field as well as the Heisman winner at QB in Jameis Winston.
  2. Alabama (SEC) 4.94 – Alabama despite losing their starting QB and defensive leaders, have reloaded and once again are primed to make a run at another National Championship as they try to make it 4 in 6 years. 
  3. Auburn (SEC) 4.91 – Fresh off of one of the biggest turn-around’s in college football history Auburn returns a good portion of their National Championship losing team and are looking to make another run, as they ramp up their defensive talent.
  4. Oregon (PAC12) 4.9 – Oregon has perhaps one of their best teams ever, mainly attributable to their best and most experience Offensive Lines they have had. Oregon has lots of offensive fire power and a Heisman candidate at QB. 
  5. UCLA (PAC12) 4.7 – UCLA returns a Heisman contender at QB, a Freshman All-American/Sensation at LB and they have steadily been upgrading their talent over the least 3-4 years. Look for them to make a strong push for the first ever CFB Playoff.
  6. Stanford (PAC12) 4.65 – Despite losing a good portion of their #partyinthebackfield defensive front 7, they are again reloading and should be one of the more talented squads for Coach Brian Shaw. They have been a very consistent team over the last few years. 
  7. Clemson (ACC) 4.63 – Clemson lost a lot of Offensive firepower the last few years. However Coach Swinney has done a very good job of recruiting and they should be able to replace it.  No there offense will not be as powerful as it was last year, but their defense will be much better as they return some young talented guys that played a lot the last few years. We look for Clemson to be a much more balanced team and better than many are predicting. 
  8. USC (PAC12) 4.54 – With the Lane Kiffin era finally coming to a close, we will get to see what Sarkesian can do with NFL caliber talent at USC.  They are still a very talented team, if Sark can get them into shape and playing as one unit, they will turn some heads in the PAC12.
  9. Oklahoma (Big12) 4.51 – The key for Oklahoma will be the play of Trevor Knight. If he can duplicate his play in the bowl game all year, then they will make a run at the Playoffs. If not they will still contend for the Big12 title.
  10. Wisconsin (B1G) 4.46 – Wisconsin is what we feel is the most underrated team in the nation. They are our favorites to win the B1G championship and compete with OU, and Auburn for the last playoff spot (will be in the hands of the voters). They have a very strong offense and an underrated defense led by a very good defensive coach in Gary Andersen.
  11. Ohio St (B1G) 4.41
  12. Texas (Big12) 4.39
  13. Ole Miss (SEC) 4.37
  14. Florida (SEC) 4.36
  15. Notre Dame (Ind) 4.35
  16. LSU (SEC) 4.34
  17. Washington (PAC12) 4.3
  18. Georgia (SEC) 4.28
  19. Baylor (Big12) 4.28
  20. Texas A&M (SEC) 4.27
  21. Arizona St (PAC12) 4.27
  22. South Carolina (SEC) 4.25
  23. Michigan (B1G) 4.2
  24. Miami (ACC) 4.16
  25. Arizona (PAC12) 4.15

Teams that just missed out are Louisville, UNC, Missouri, Miss St, Michigan St, Penn St, Iowa, Northwestern, Boise St, and BYU.

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