SEC Win Shares

Due to time constraints instead of full previews we will only be posting Win Shares for the Power 5 conferences and the best Group of 5 teams.

Here are the SEC Win Shares:

WEST Total (SEC)

Alabama 8.8 (5.02)

TAMU 8.33 (4.56)

Ole Miss 8.51 (4.53)

Auburn 8.21 (4.46)

LSU 8.16 (4.36)

Arkansas 7.56 (3.86)

Miss State 6.86 (3.27)


Georgia 8.46 (4.88)

Tennessee 8.29 (4.6)

Florida 7.29 (4.01)

Missouri 6.82 (3.71)

South Carolina 5.99 (3.27)

Kentucky 6.35 (2.93)

Vanderbilt 5.24 (2.42)


That puts Georgia and Alabama in the SEC Championship game. With Alabama having a Win Share in that game of .61.

So Alabama is the pick for the SEC.

Notes: This is probably the strongest year for the SEC with several teams that are VERY good and possibly ELITE. We see a lot of the top teams knocking each other off and despite it being the strongest SEC, but possibly having no teams in the Playoffs as no one is better than 10-2 and possibly 9-3. Also potentially having 11 teams 7-5 and better and 8 teams 8-4 or better.  That is VERY strong. As the Win Shares suggest perhaps 13 Bowl Eligible teams!

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