NCAA – Week 7 Top Matchups

Was a perfect 5-0 last week bringing my total for the year to 28-5.

This week we have 3 more Top 25 matchups, a top rivalry game and a game that will go a long way in deciding the ACC Coastal.

Pittsburgh (3.77) @ Virginia Tech (4.02)

Pitt offense (3.72) vs VT defense (4.14): Virginia Tech has been one of the best defenses in the nation so far this year. They are talented and have loads of experience.  They are top 15 in every category by just about every statistical measurement. Pittsburgh’s offense has been solid so far, particularly in the passing game, they have performed over their talent rating.  However the biggest thing in this matchup is Pittsburgh’s pass blocking (117th in sacks allowed) and Virginia Tech’s pass rush (13th in sacks). Pittsburgh’s pass offense has been good, but VT’s pass defense has been better.  Virginia Tech will put pressure on Pittsburgh and force Savage into mistakes. Virginia Tech with the big advantage here.

VT offense (4.2) vs Pitt defense (4.32): Pittsburgh’s defense was suppose to be one of the better defenses in the ACC this year.  So far this year they have not been as good as advertised, however last week’s performance put them on the right track and they seem to have righted the ship in that regard. As underachieving as Pitt’s defense has been, VT’s offense has been worse. VT is in the bottom of the rankings (passing and rushing) on offense.  Like Pitt VT has looked better recently however.  Pitt has better talent and has performed slightly better (or less worse). Advantage Pitt.

Steve: Both defenses should hold serve in this matchup and control the game.  I’m expecting a low scoring defensive game. However with the game being in Virginia I will give VT the advantage VT 17 – Pitt 10

Jason:  Pitt blew the Hokies out last year and I haven’t forgotten that. They throw the ball really well down the field and have good lines. VaTech has one of the best three or four defenses in the country but is still struggling on offense. I’m going with Pitt, but  close. Pitt 24-23.


 Oklahoma vs. Texas

OU offense (4.39) vs Texas defense (5.11): Since Bell was inserted into the starting line up the Oklahoma offense has looked much better, however they still are not an elite offense like we have seen from OU in the past, but they are a good offense with good talent. Despite Texas’ talent they have one of the worst Run defenses in the nation. Their Pass defense has been average. Texas this year on defense has not the least with the most. Oklahoma should have not problem running the ball against Texas. Advantage OU

Texas offense (4.97) vs OU defense (4.09): If not for Texas’ defense, Texas’ offense might be the most underacheiving group in the nation.  They have done ok, but there are few that can match their talent.  Surprisingly they have looked better with McCoy at QB, still they are better at running the ball.  Oklahoma has one of the best pass defenses in the nation and have had a resurgence under Stoops on this side of the ball.  Texas will try to run the ball against Oklahoma, as their run defense has been suspect so far this year.  Because of their pass defense I will give the advantage here to Oklahoma.

Steve: Oklahoma should control this game, as they have the last 2 years. They are just the better team right now and it’s really not close.  However I think Texas will make a stand (Brown’s last stand) but in the end they just are not a good football team.  OU 35 – Texas 21

Jason: Hard to pick against OU here. Oklahoma 31, Texas 17.

Missouri (4.21) @ Georgia (4.54)

Missouri offense (4.33) vs Georgia defense (4.65): There is no rest for the weary.  Georgia’s inexperienced defense has to face another top offense this week in Missouri, after having faced great passing attacks in Clemson and LSU, power rushing from South Carolina, and a underperfoming but talented Tennessee offense so far (with not very good results).  Missouri may be the most balanced team they have faced with a top 10 rushing attack and a top 20 passing attack. With many returning starters back from last years squad.  Missouri’s offense has been quite good this year.  They are loaded at the skill positions, however their Offensive Line is not the best. Georgia’s best performing part of their defense has been their pass rush.  Look for them to put pressure on Missouri. However there are just too many weapons for Georgia to contend with.  Advantage Missouri.

Georgia offense (4.94) vs Missouri defense (3.87): As bad as Georgia’s defense has been, their offense has been outstanding.  Missouri’s defense has not really been tested, but has played well so far (not spectacular).  Georgia when healthy has the best 1-2 punch at RB and perhaps the nation’s best QB in Aaron Murray, as well as good WR and a solid OL. However Georgia is not healthy. they are missing a few WR and one of the RB (maybe both). They still should have enough talent for Murray to put up points on the scoreboard. Despite the injuries and Missouri’s ability to get to the QB Georgia has the advantage here.

Steve: Like many I am putting Georgia on upset alert here.  Most of it will come down to if Gurley (RB) can play or not. I think he will play and we will have another SEC shootout in this game.  Missouri gives Georgia a real scare, but with the game between the hedges I’ll say UGA 35 – Missouri 32

Jason:  I’ve really struggled with this one all week. Hard to pick against UGA in Athens, but the early season wars have finally caught up with the Dawgs  and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a banged-up UGA team drop one here. Close game and I’m going with the upset, Mizzou 41, UGA 38.

Oregon (5.2) @ Washington (4.67)

Oregon offense (4.43) vs Wash defense (4.32): This will be by far the toughest test for Oregon’s offense this year as Washington’s defense has been very good thus far. They have a top 5 pass defense and a good run defense.  However Oregon has one of the best offenses in the nation (if not the best). Oregon should be able to run the ball on Washington, but look for Washington to pressure Mariotta and limit what Oregon can do passing the ball.  As good as Washington is on defense I have to give the advantage here to Oregon’s offense.

Wash offense (4.21) vs Oregon defense (4.06): Oregon’s defense has looked good this year, but they have not faced anything close to the caliber of Washington on offense. Washington isn’t anything special on Offense but they get the job done.  Washington’s strength is passing the ball (but they do have great balance with Sankey at RB), Oregon is not as good in pass defense as they are in run defense.  So Washington should be able to get something in the air and move the ball in this game.  I am going to give this matchup a Toss up.

Steve: If Washington wasn’t coming off of that fight against Stanford last week I would think about picking them for the upset this week with the game in Washington.  I just don’t know if Washington will have enough left in the tank to hang with Oregon’s offense. Going with another close game like last week but Oregon prevails in the end. Oregon 35 – Washington 31

Jason: I’m going to pull the trigger on the upset here. Washington was the better team at Stanford last week but gave up a few huge plays on special teams to lose that game. This one is in Husky Stadium, which is a very difficult place to play, and this is a fierce rivalry game that will help the Huskies play with passion even after a heartbreaker last week. I’m going with Washington to shock Oregon, Washington 34, Oregon 31.

Florida (4.54) @ LSU (4.75)

Florida offense (4.77) vs LSU defense (4.12): LSU is young and inexperienced on defense and has not looked great the last 2 weeks (against UGA and Miss St).  Florida’s offense has been limited by injuries (several on the OL, RB and QB) however they have managed to hang in there. Tyler Murphy the new QB has looked good so far against sub-par defense.  We will see what he does here as the talent level for LSU is better than what he has seen so far.  Neither unit has been impressive, even if they do have the talent.  I am going to give a slight advantage to LSU in this matchup.

LSU offense (4.67) vs Florida defense (4.82): This is one of the better offenses in the nation vs what many have called the best defense in the nation.  Both are extremely talented and have lots of NFL talent on these units.  Both have also performed very well this year. Florida took a hit last week when star DT Easley was ruled out for the season. Florida has the #2 ranked pass defense going against the #5 rated Pass offense and an on fire QB in Zach Mettenberger.  This will be the top defense Mettenberger has faced, as well as the first legit pass offense that Florida has faced.  I am going with a toss up in this game.

Steve: Florida is the old-school SEC team.  Perhaps the last of a dying breed.  Play Defense and run the ball, don’t turn it over.  LSU has transformed itself from being that (even last year) to being a high flying offense with a struggling defense.  Florida was given a gift when this game was put at 3:30 instead of a night game in Death Valley 2. I’m going with a slightly defensive struggle with an upset for Florida. UF 21 LSU 20

 Jason: I really like what Cam Cameron is doing on the offensive side of the ball, but they were still in third and long way too much last week against Georgia, though they had success in those situations because of how well Mettenburger is throwing the football. It’s going to be much tougher to do that, however, against Florida’s defense, which is the best I’ve seen this year and it isn’t really close. If they’re in third and long a lot against UF, I just don’t see them having that kind of success. On the flip side, LSU has had trouble stopping the run this year, and that’s exactly what Florida wants to do. I think Florida’s defense is the best unit on the field and leads the Gators to a mild upset win, 24–21.


  1. james crooke says

    UF wont score 10 pts in that game let alone 21 and their D isnt good enough to hold LSU to 20 pts. Lsu by 15 pts.

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