NCAA – Week 2 Top Matchups

Last week Jason went 4-2 and Steve went 5-1. Both missed the Clemson/UGA game and Jason missing on his upset pick of UNC over USC.

Moving on to this week we have 3 big time matchups and 2 games where a top rated team faces a decent opponent. First the 3 marquee matchups:

Florida (4.8) @ Miami (4.05)
Miami Offense (4.28) vs Florida Defense (4.82): At first glance one might think Florida has a big advantage here, however Miami has an advantage in the run game. Miami’s OL should be able to open some holes for Duke Johnson to have some running room against the Florida front 7. In order for Miami to have sustained success they will need a big game from their WR (did not get against FAU). Miami will try to run it and open up some deep passes for their strong armed QB. Florida will try to stop Duke Johnson and the Miami ground game. I’m going to give the advantage here surprisingly to Miami.

Florida Offense (4.77) vs Miami Defense (3.82): Again at first glance one would think that Florida has a big advantage here, however Florida’s offense did not impress in the first game against Toledo (looking stagnant like they did last year) and Miami’s Defense looked improved against FAU (have to consider the opponent). Florida will try to run it right at Miami (they do get their starting RB back for this game). Miami’s front 7 is not very impressive and Florida does have a big advantage here. I give the advantage to Florida here because of their running game.

Steve: I think Miami has a real shot in this game and will be in it to the end. However I just don’t think their defensive front 7 is good enough to beat Florida. Florida 27-24

Jason: This is a game where Miami has the better QB, OL, RB, and is about even at WR, but UF is better at basically every position on defense. Should be a fun one to watch. I’m going to default to the better QB at home, though Driskel’s ability to run might make me look stupid. Miami 27-24

South Carolina (4.1) @ Georgia (4.8)
USC Offense (4.01) vs UGA Defense (4.65): Georgia’s defense looked underwhelming against Clemson’s offense, failing to stop Sammy Watkins and the power running of Clemson. South Carolina had a nice running game going, but they lack the dynamic playmakers of Clemson. South Carolina should find success on the ground against Georgia’s defense. Advantage to South Carolina.

UGA Offense (4.94) vs USC Defense (4.18): South Carolina’s Defensive front 7 looked gassed and were gotten the better of by UNC’s Offense (despite the low number of points put up by UNC). Georgia is much better on the OL than UNC is (however their LT is not as good) and has better RBs. South Carolina should be able to put pressure on Aaron Murray (as Clemson was able to). Georgia has the advantage here.

Steve: Being in Athens is a huge advantage for Georgia. As much as I want to pick South Carolina in this matchup, I am going with the home team Georgia 28-21

Jason: I’m still not sold on South Carolina as a top 10 team. The loss of Mitchell at WR for UGA hurts, and Gurley being banged up doesn’t help, but UGA still has one of the top offenses in the country and gets several on defense back from suspension. I’m going with the Dawgs at home in this one. Georgia 31-17.

Notre Dame (4.26) @ Michigan (4.25)
Notre Dame Offense (4.38) vs Michigan Defense (4.16): Notre Dame has the advantage in the trenches, but Michigan has the better skill positions. This is a tough matchup to call. Expect Notre Dame to run the ball and Michigan to try and force ND to throw it and get some turnovers. Notre Dame should control the line of scrimmage and keep the ball out of Tommy Rees’ hands. Advantage Notre Dame.

Michigan Offense (4.35) vs Notre Dame Defense (4.14): Michigan has some dynamic playmakers and QB that can make plays. However Notre Dame has a very good Defensive Front 7. Michigan will try to neutralize Notre Dame’s Defensive line with designed QB runs, screens, short passes, etc. Notre Dame will try to stop Michigan from running it and harass Devin Gardner. Notre Dame has the advantage in the trenches, but I’m giving the advantage to Michigan.

Steve: I am really conflicted on this game. Notre Dame is better up front, Michigan has better skill position players. Notre Dame has more experience, but Michigan looked better in week 1 (albeit both played sub-par opponents). When it’s this close I will go with the home team Michigan 21-17

Jason: When in doubt, if there’s not a clear advantage at the QB position, I default to the better lines. Notre Dame has the better lines, so I’m picking the Domers in a very competitive game. Notre Dame 27-24

Now for the 2 matchups featuring 2 National Title contenders against their first real competition:

Oregon (4.25) @ Virginia (3.89)
Oregon Offense (4.43) vs Virginia Defense (3.83): Oregon has one of the most dynamic and explosive offenses in the nation. Oregon has the advantage in the trenches and with skill positions. Virginia has shown to have a sound defense under Coach London, however I expect Oregon to be too much for Virginia to handle. Big advantage to Oregon here.

Virginia Offense (3.95) vs Oregon Defense (4.06): Oregon has an underrated defense and should control the Virginia Offense. Virginia does have a good passing attack if they can get time for their QB they should find some space against Oregon’s secondary. I’ll give the advantage here to Oregon as they have the advantage in the trenches.

Steve: This is a home game for Virginia, Oregon does have to travel across country for this game. Oregon has good experience however. Oregon should run away with this game, but expect Virginia to put up a fight. Oregon 38-17

Jason: UVA has a better shot in this one than people appreciate due to their legit defense and quality on the line of scrimmage. I just don’t think they’ll be able to score enough against Oregon’s defense to actually win this one. Oregon 31-13

Texas (5.04) @ BYU (3.5)
Texas Offense (4.97) vs BYU Defense (3.67): BYU’s strength is on defense as Bronco Mendenhall has done a great job of creating a powerful defense that plays better than their rating. However Texas has LOADS of talent on Offense and lots of experience. Texas should be able to run it at will against BYU, however look for BYU to limit what Texas can do through the air. Advantage to Texas.

BYU Offense (3.32) vs Texas Defense (5.11): Texas has perhaps the most talented defense in the country. They were very lackluster last season and played way under their talent level. However they have a lot of experience coming back and looked good in week 1. BYU’s offense is not as good as their defense. BYU is very overmatches on the lines and at the skill positions. Don’t expect much from BYU in this matchup, HUGE advantage to Texas.

Steve: I think Texas is going to try and make a statement in this game on the road against a solid defense/team. Texas 42-10

Jason: Game over by sometime in the third quarter. Texas 45-17 


  1. Excellent stuff guys!

    Agree with you on the Texas blowout. Keep this coming, really enjoying the analysis.

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