NCAA – Top Matchups Week 5

Last week I was undefeated and Jason missed on the Michigan St/ND game. Brings our season totals to 19-4 for Steve and 17-6 for Jason.

This should be a very interesting week, as we have 4 top 25 matchups and another that possibly could be (with UCF just missing out on the top 25).  College football season is just starting to put it into high gear.


South Carolina (4.1) @ UCF (4.27)

USC offense (4.01) vs UCF defense (3.38): On paper its a mismatch and sure enough based on how they have played this year it is a mismatch.  USC’s power running game and efficient passing game has done well this year.  UCF’s defense has not done well. UCF will try to slow down USC’s power running game and USC will try to run it to keep UCF’s offense off the field. USC has a big advantage here. Look for them to put up points.


UCF offense (3.54) vs USC defense (4.18): USC’s defense has been one of the most underperforming units in college football, particularly their Defensive Line. UCF has one of the better passing attacks in the nation and a good running game to balance it out. USC’s pass defense has been suspect so far.  Despite the seeming mismatch on paper, UCF’s offense is quite legit. I’m giving the advantage to UCF in this one as they have simply performed much better to date.


Steve: I’m expecting a high-scoring affair down in Orlando.  Both Offenses have performed well this year and neither defense has performed particularly well.  I do expect Clowney to pick his game up some. However with the extra week to prepare and an expected rowdy home crowd in Orlando I’m going with the upset here UCF 31 USC 28


Oklahoma (4.24) @ Notre Dame (4.26)

Oklahoma offense (4.39) vs ND defense (4.14): Oklahoma’s strength has been their rushing offense thus far with struggles at QB. Notre Dame has one of the better Defensive lines in the nation.  Oklahoma has the better number but Notre Dame has performed better thus far on the season. Oklahoma will try to establish their rushing attack, Notre Dame will try to force OU into throwing the ball and force turnovers.  I’ll give Notre Dame’s defense the advantage here, but only slightly.


ND offense (4.38) vs OU defense (4.09): Surprisingly the better performing unit so far for OU has been their defense, especially their pass defense. Notre Dame has struggled on defense, especially their rushing attack.  OU should be able to stop Notre Dame’s offense and limit what they are able to do. One thing to look for is ND has a Talent advantage on the Line of Scrimmage, they haven’t played too well thus far, but something to keep an eye on.  However, big advantage to the OU defense in this matchup.


Steve: Notre Dame went down to Oklahoma last year and put a whooping on OU. This time around OU travels to South Bend.  OU has played much better so far this season and I expect that to continue as OU gets revenge on ND this year.  OU 24 ND 13



Ole Miss (4.11) @ Alabama (4.57)

Miss offense (4.0) vs Bama defense (4.59): Alabama’s normally stalwart defense has looked pretty pedestrian so far, having perhaps one of the worst performances ever by an Alabama defense.  However they are still talented on defense.  Ole Miss has a fast paced offense based around a running QB and the running game.  Things that have traditionally troubled Alabama’s defense under Saban.  Look for Ole Miss to be able to put up some points and have success against Alabama in the run game.  I’ll give this matchup a Toss Up right now.


Bama offense (4.55) vs Miss defense (4.22): Alabama’s passing attack has been very good so far this year.  Ole Miss’ pass defense has not been good.  Ole Miss has the advantage here on the line of scrimmage (both in Talent and how they have performed).  However AJ McCarron is the wild card here. Ole Miss isn’t TAMU bad on defense, but expect Bama to put up some yards and points in the passing attack. Advantage to Alabama.


Steve: I have flirted with picking the upset here, as I think this game is going to be closer than many think.  Ole Miss should present some problems for Alabama.  However having to go to Tuscaloosa and relying on so many true Freshman will be too much for Ole Miss to overcome.  Bama 38 Ole Miss 31



Wisconsin (3.42) @ Ohio St (4.77)

Wisconsin offense (3.45) vs OSU defense (4.75): This is a strength vs strength matchup.  Wisconsin has been very good at running the ball so far and Ohio State has been very good at stopping the run. Ohio St has the distinct talent advantage on the line of scrimmage here.  Ohio State will try to force Wisconsin to throw the ball and force them out of their gameplan. Wisconsin will try to keep the returning Braxton Miller and the Ohio St offense off the field. Ohio State has more talent and more experience, even though both have played well.  I’ll give the advantage to Ohio State in this one, they should control Wisconsin’s offense.


OSU offense (4.8) vs Wisconsin defense (3.39): Again both teams strength is in the same place. Ohio State is very good at running the ball and Wisconsin does very well in stopping the run.  Again Ohio State has the talent and experience advantage. The difference here is that Ohio State can throw the ball as they have done very well in that regard too. Wisconsin will have trouble stopping OSU’s balanced offensive attack. Big Advantage to Ohio State’s offense.


Steve: With this game being in Columbus and Ohio State having a big talent advantage and having performed better on the season, I don’t think this one will be that close. OSU 35 Wisconsin 17



Louisiana State (4.4) @ Georgia (4.8)

LSU offense (4.67) vs UGA defense (4.65): Georgia has a lot of talent on defense, but they are inexperienced and have not performed well so far.  LSU is talented on Offense and their Passing Attack has been stellar thus far. LSU’s OL should be able to control the Georgia defensive front 7 and give Zach Mettenberger plenty of time to throw the ball. Georgia will be overmatched in this matchup. Big Advantage to LSU’s offense.


UGA offense (4.94) vs LSU defense (4.12): LSU’s young defense has performed well so far this season, however they are facing a juggernaut in the UGA offense.  UGA has had no trouble moving the ball on anyone they have faced. They are very balanced with a lot of depth and experience. Georgia will have no trouble moving the ball on this young LSU defense. Big advantage to UGA’s offense.


Steve: Gone are the days of 9-3 SEC scores.  Replaced with shootouts.  This game will be of the new breed of SEC games, high scoring.  This is a tough one to call, but with UGA being at home and between the hedges I have to give the advantage to them. UGA 35 LSU 34

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