SEC Win Shares

Due to time constraints instead of full previews we will only be posting Win Shares for the Power 5 conferences and the best Group of 5 teams.

Here are the SEC Win Shares:

WEST Total (SEC)

Alabama 8.8 (5.02)

TAMU 8.33 (4.56)

Ole Miss 8.51 (4.53)

Auburn 8.21 (4.46)

LSU 8.16 (4.36)

Arkansas 7.56 (3.86)

Miss State 6.86 (3.27)


Georgia 8.46 (4.88)

Tennessee 8.29 (4.6)

Florida 7.29 (4.01)

Missouri 6.82 (3.71)

South Carolina 5.99 (3.27)

Kentucky 6.35 (2.93)

Vanderbilt 5.24 (2.42)


That puts Georgia and Alabama in the SEC Championship game. With Alabama having a Win Share in that game of .61.

So Alabama is the pick for the SEC.

Notes: This is probably the strongest year for the SEC with several teams that are VERY good and possibly ELITE. We see a lot of the top teams knocking each other off and despite it being the strongest SEC, but possibly having no teams in the Playoffs as no one is better than 10-2 and possibly 9-3. Also potentially having 11 teams 7-5 and better and 8 teams 8-4 or better.  That is VERY strong. As the Win Shares suggest perhaps 13 Bowl Eligible teams!

2014 SEC Preview

The SEC had an unprecedented run of 7 straight National Championship runs come to an end last year as Auburn fell to Florida State 34-31.  Last year was also an uncharacteristic year for the SEC as they were more of an offensive loaded conference.  This year you will see the SEC go back to what it is known for (Good defense), as the offenses once again (outside of a couple of teams) will take a back seat to the SEC defenses. Last year you saw a few of the middle of the pack SEC teams step it up a notch and added more balance, as the SEC top tier teams were knocked back a little bit.  We think you will see more of the same this year, as there will be a larger “middle of the pack” group, however we do see Auburn and Alabama as pulling away from the pack SLIGHTLY, and being a bit better than the rest. However there will be little difference between 3-10. We also feel there will be improved at the bottom as Arkansas, and Kentucky look to improve this year. There should be a lot of good football games (like normal) in the SEC.


Without any more delay here is the SEC Preview:



Overall Rating – 4.94

SEC Win Share – 5.99 (Total of 9.89)


Overall Rating – 4.91

SEC Win Share – 5.56 (Total of 9.26)


Overall Rating – 4.37

SEC Win Share – 4.52 (Total of 8.07)


Overall Rating – 4.34

SEC Win Share – 4.06 (Total of 7.46)


Overall Rating – 4.27

SEC Win Share – 3.78 (Total of 7.43)


Overall Rating – 4.06

SEC Win Share – 3.52 (Total of 7.3)


Overall Rating – 3.86

SEC Win Share – 2.44 (Total of 5.54)



Overall Rating – 4.36

SEC Win Share – 5.20 (Total of 8.30)


Overall Rating – 4.28

SEC Win Share – 4.69 (Total of 8.02)


Overall Rating – 4.25

ACC Win Share – 4.49 (Total of 7.92)


Overall Rating – 4.08

SEC Win Share – 4.25 (Total of 7.39)


Overall Rating – 3.75

SEC Win Share – 2.94 (Total of 5.69)


Overall Rating – 3.53

SEC Win Share – 2.43 (Total of 5.93)


Overall Rating – 3.46

SEC Win Share – 2.13(Total of 5.00)


We have Alabama playing Florida in Atlanta for the SEC championship, with Alabama winning that game.


Top 5 Offenses:


South Carolina


Texas A&M


Top 5 Defenses:


Ole Miss

Mississippi St



Storylines to watch for:

  1. How much will Auburn’s defense improve, and will it be enough to put them in the Title game again?
  2. Which of the new Quarterbacks in the conference will step up and lead their team?
  3. Who will survive the East, as 4 teams look to compete for the East division crown.
  4. Will Alabama’s defense get back to their suffocating ways of old?
  5. How will Vanderbilt fare with Head Coach Franklin leaving for B1G country?
  6. Will the Mississippi schools finally live up to the hype?
  7. Will LSU finally take a real fall after losing so many underclassmen the last few years to the draft?

SEC – 2013 SF Power Ratings

Here are the 2013 Simplified Football Power Ratings for the SEC:

Alabama – 4.57
LSU – 4.40
Ole Miss – 4.11
Auburn – 4.10
Texas A&M – 4.01
Mississippi St – 3.85
Arkansas – 3.85

Georgia – 4.8
Florida – 4.8
Tennessee – 4.36
Missouri – 4.10
South Carolina – 4.10
Vanderbilt – 3.70
Kentucky – 3.64

As you can see there are more Elite and 2nd tier teams in the SEC than there are in the ACC. Overall a much stronger conference. The ACC does have more experience than the SEC does, SEC just has a LOT more talent.