Big 12 Win Shares

Here are the Win Shares for the Big 12 conference:

Team Total (Big12)

Baylor 8.83 (6.1)

TCU 8.05 (5.53)

Texas 7.16 (5.23)

Kansas St 7.47 (4.99)

Oklahoma 6.99 (4.8)

West Virginia 7.42 (4.78)

Oklahoma St 7.39 (4.54)

Texas Tech 6.67 (4.54)

Iowa State 5.54 (3.28)

Kansas 3.57 (1.71)


Have Baylor as the most likely winner of the Big 12. Of note is that in the individual match-up TCU is favored (home game). So it should be another interesting year in the Big 12 Title race.

Note: This is a pretty strong year for the Big 12 as well, as Texas begins to rebuild and should have their strongest team in the last few years. Oklahoma St should rebound from a mediocre year last year, Oklahoma is on the downward slope and West Virginia should have a year similar to last year, and Kansas St is Kansas St. That is 7 Very solid to Very good teams. Baylor and TCU should battle for a playoff spot again, will be dependent (again) on how the Conference Champions do from the other conferences). 

2014 Big 12 Preview

Last year the Big 12 had an unexpectedly tight race at the top as 4 teams were in the title race.  Baylor surprised everyone with a very good team and won the Big 12.  Texas despite a down year was still in the championship race.  We expect another tight race in the Big 12 this year as again 3 teams should compete for the crown with Oklahoma State bowing out with a very young group.  However look for Oklahoma State to play the spoiler as they will get better throughout the season as they gain experience. There seem to be 3 tiers divided equally in the Big 12 this year. The top tier is Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor, the 2nd tier is Texas Tech, Oklahoma St, and Kansas St, the third tier is Iowa St, TCU, and West Virginia.  Then you have the ugly…Kansas (They don’t even get a tier).


Onward we go to the 2014 Big 12 preview:



Overall Rating – 4.51

Big 12 Win Share – 6.63 (Total of 9.38)


Overall Rating – 4.39

Big 12 Win Share – 6.04 (Total of 8.17)


Overall Rating – 4.28

Big 12 Win Share – 5.78 (Total of 8.48)


Overall Rating – 3.95

Big 12 Win Share – 4.82 (Total of 6.72)


Overall Rating – 3.85

Big 12 Win Share – 4.39 (Total of 6.89)


Overall Rating – 3.81

Big 12 Win Share – 4.08(Total of 6.38)


Overall Rating – 3.69

Big 12 Win Share – 3.94 (Total of 6.21)


Overall Rating – 3.68

Big 12 Win Share – 3.73 (Total of 5.56)


Overall Rating – 3.62

Big 12 Win Share – 3.48 (Total of 4.87)


Overall Rating – 3.22

Big 12 Win Share – 2.11 (Total of 4.03)



We have Oklahoma winning the Big 12 championship.


Top 5 Offenses:



Texas Tech

Kansas State

Iowa State



Top 5 Defenses:




Kansas State

Kansas (more a statement of how bad the defenses are in this conference than it is about them being good…)



Storylines to watch for:

  1. Will Baylor’s offense be able to keep up it’s frenetic pace?
  2. Will Charlie Strong be able to transform Texas’ fortunes and capitalize on it’s talent?
  3. Will Kansas finally see Charlie Weis’ decided schematic advantage on offense?
  4. Will Trevor Knight be the QB that we saw in the bowl game, or the rest of the season?
  5. Will the Big 12 champ be able to get into the Playoff with 1 loss?

Big 12 – 2013 SF Power Ratings

Here are the 2013 Simplified Power Ratings for the Big12:

Texas – 5.04
Oklahoma – 4.25
Texas Tech – 3.99
TCU – 3.98
Oklahoma St – 3.95
Baylor – 3.81
Kansas – 3.64
West Virginia – 3.55
Kansas St – 3.23
Iowa St – 3.23

Texas’ rating is higher than that of anyone in the ACC or SEC. They have talent and experience, if they can put it all together on the field and in their coaching ranks. Watch-out.