Bowl Game Previews

Well it’s been another fun season.  All we have left are the bowls and the Playoffs.  According to our formula the committee got the correct 4 teams in.  Simplified Football had 1-Alabama, 2-Georgia, 3-Clemson, 4-Oklahoma, and 5-Ohio St.

Looking at the bowl Match-ups we had 61 of the 78 bowl eligible teams predicted correctly.

We’ll get straight into the Predictions. First the regular bowl games and then a write-up on the Playoff Games:


Troy 42 – North Texas 24

Western KY 24 – Georgia State 17

Boise St 34 – Oregon 31

Colorado St 34 – Marshall 27

Arkansas St 31 – Middle Tenn St 17

FAU 48 – Akron 14

SMU 41 – La Tech 38

FIU 24 – Temple 21

Ohio 31 – UAB 17

Wyoming 17 – Central Mich 13

USF 31 – Texas Tech 24

San Deigo St 34 – Army 31

Toledo 31 – App st 28

Fresno st 28 – Houston 24

UCLA 48 – Kansas St 41

Northern Illinois 17 – Duke 13

Utah 31 – West Virginia 28

FSU 28 – Southern Miss 14

Boston College 27 – Iowa 24

Texas 28 – Missouri 27

Arizona 38 – Purdue 35

Navy 21 – Virginia 18

Oklahoma St 28 – Virginia Tech 25

TCU 24 – Stanford 21

Washington St 17 – Michigan St 14

Wake Forest 24 – TAMU 21

NC state 42 – Arizona St 31

Northwestern 28 – Kentucky 17

Louisville 48 – Mississippi St 34

Memphis 42 – Iowa St 38

New Mexico St 24 – Utah St 20

Michigan 20 – South Carolina 10

LSU 27 – Notre Dame 21

Ohio St 38 – USC 28

Washington 28 – Penn St 24

Wisconsin 21 – Miami 19

Auburn 45 – UCF 35


Georgia vs Oklahoma:

This is a Match-up of a great offense against a great defense.  Oklahoma’s offense under Baker Mayfield has been extremely good this year.  Mayfield definitely deserved the Heisman with his play on the field.  They have scored and scored in bunches against anyone and everyone.  Georgia’s defense has done very well this year and limited some good offenses to low scoring outputs.  That will be a match-up to watch.  Oklahoma’s chances of winning will solely lie on Baker Mayfield. If he has a Heisman-esque game then Oklahoma will have the chance at winning this by out scoring Georgia.  Anything less than that and it’ll be a long night for Oklahoma.  Oklahoma’s defense has been very much maligned all season, for good reason.  Georgia has a very efficient offense and one of the top rushing attacks in America.  It will be very hard for OU to slow them down, baring some adrenaline stoked mom type performance (you know where a mom lifts up a car to save their trapped child). Mayfield will have a good day, but it won’t be enough as UGA wears them down and pulls away in the 2nd half.

Georgia 34 – Oklahoma 24


Clemson vs Alabama:

The Rubber Match! A rematch of the previous 2 years National Championship games.  There is one notable difference this year, rather absence. Rather 2.  Lane Kiffin and Deshaun Watson.  Both of those guys trumped great defenses and made the previous 2 matches into Shoot-outs.  Absent the offensive “Genius” of Kiffin and the brilliant play of Watson I think the defenses, which are again great, will dominate this match-up.  Both defenses are littered with future NFL players, particularly along the front 7. It will be tough sledding for 2 QBs that aren’t Deshaun Watson, and for the good running backs in this game. Neither offense are prone to turning it over so it will be a defensive slug-fest with low scores. I do expect the winner of this game to be the National Champ.

Alabama 21 – Clemson 17


That will set up an ALL SEC match-up in the Championship game of Georgia vs Alabama.   Kirby Smart against long time mentor Nick Saban.  The Teacher will beat the Pupil in this scenario.  Of course if it’s Clemson v Georgia then we have an entirely different and good story line as they are rivals who no longer play and are short distance from each other (about 1.5 hours).


Have fun this Bowl/Holiday Season.

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