Big Ten Win Shares

Here are the 2015 Big Ten Win Shares:

TEAM Total (B1G)


Ohio State 10.21 (6.51)

Michigan 8.83 (5.48)

Michigan St 8.73 (5.33)

Penn State 7.63 (4.09)

Rutgers 6.51 (3.12)

Maryland 5.96 (3.06)

Indiana 4.97 (2.22)


Wisconsin 7.89 (4.87)

Nebraska 7.41 (4.44)

Northwestern 6.75 (3.97)

Iowa 6.43 (3.63)

Purdue 6.06 (3.37)

Minnesota 5.85 (3.22)

Illinois 5.29 (2.69)


Ohio State vs Wisconsin again in the Championship game. Ohio State with a .75 Win Share in that game.

Notes: This is the best the Big Ten has been. With Michigan rebounding and Michigan State having perhaps their most talented team the East division is no gimme for Ohio State. Whoever wins the East division (should be noted that Michigan is the only Power 5 team that is favored in every game) should be in the playoffs, provided they beat the West champion. Should be a lot more fireworks and competition in the Big Ten than many are expecting for Ohio State. 

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