Big 12 Win Shares

Here are the Win Shares for the Big 12 conference:

Team Total (Big12)

Baylor 8.83 (6.1)

TCU 8.05 (5.53)

Texas 7.16 (5.23)

Kansas St 7.47 (4.99)

Oklahoma 6.99 (4.8)

West Virginia 7.42 (4.78)

Oklahoma St 7.39 (4.54)

Texas Tech 6.67 (4.54)

Iowa State 5.54 (3.28)

Kansas 3.57 (1.71)


Have Baylor as the most likely winner of the Big 12. Of note is that in the individual match-up TCU is favored (home game). So it should be another interesting year in the Big 12 Title race.

Note: This is a pretty strong year for the Big 12 as well, as Texas begins to rebuild and should have their strongest team in the last few years. Oklahoma St should rebound from a mediocre year last year, Oklahoma is on the downward slope and West Virginia should have a year similar to last year, and Kansas St is Kansas St. That is 7 Very solid to Very good teams. Baylor and TCU should battle for a playoff spot again, will be dependent (again) on how the Conference Champions do from the other conferences). 

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