2019 Pac 12 Preview

North Division

PlaceTeamWin-Share (Conf)Record (Conf)Rating
9.6 (6.7)10-2 (7-2)4.72
1Oregon Ducks8.8 (6.3)9-3 (7-2)4.60
3Stanford Cardinal7.6 (5.8)8-4 (6-3)4.36
4Washington St
5.8 (3.4)8-4 (5-4)3.83
5.2 (3.2)4-8 (2-7)3.82
6Oregon State
4.8 (2.8)3-9 (1-8)3.60

South Division

PlaceTeamWin-Share (Conf)Record (Conf)Rating
1Southern California
7.3 (5.3)8-4 (6-3)4.37
1Utah Utes8.4 (5.8)8-4 (6-3)4.38
3Arizona St
Sun Devils
7.0 (4.8)6-6 (4-5)4.12
3UCLA Bruins5.8 (4.4)6-6 (4-5)4.04
5Arizona Wildcats4.0 (2.2)6-6 (3-6)3.54
5Colorado Buffaloes5.7 (3.6)5-7 (3-6)3.96

Championship Game

Washington over USC

**Washington and USC get tie-breakers over Oregon and Utah respectively due to H2H**


Washington repeats as Champs. This time beating USC instead of Utah in champ game. Probably one of Washington’s better teams, but Pac 12 stands to be improved this year with 5 legit top 25 type teams. Making it a tough road for Washington (or whoever the champ ends up being). Will be hard for any of them to come out with less than 2 losses. Washington is the team that could end up doing it IF Eason ends up performing to his hype.

Oregon is another team that could end up a playoff contender with Herbert staying. The key will be how their defense performs. Stanford, USC, Utah, and even Wash St are all teams that could beat Oregon or Washington. Should be an exciting year in the Pac 12.

I think Washington ends up as the 4th Playoff team. Edging out UGA and Big Ten Champ (better record than Big Ten Champ and Conference Champ over UGA). Oregon is a top 15 team, with Stanford, Utah, and USC as potential top 25 teams.

9 teams go bowling.

Bowl Projections

TeamBowl Projections
WashingtonPeach Bowl (CFP Semifinal)
OregonRose Bowl
USCAlamo Bowl
UtahHoliday Bowl
StanfordRedbox Bowl
Washington StSun Bowl
Arizona StLas Vegas Bowl
UCLACheez-It Bowl
ArizonaArizona Bowl

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